Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg's new site

Hello Friends,

As you already know Facebook CEO and
founder Mark Zuckerberg has stolen the idea of Facebook from two twin
brothers in Harvard university in 2001 ,later on view complaint and
got 65million dollar in 2007....
they started a new project (ZURKER) and launched the beta version .
you can join it now and become a share holder of this website ....
It has new features than Facebook and G+....
Join today and become shareholder now from India
so this idea is invoked where users are actual owners ....
Let's keep in touchin this new social networking site

copy paste the link below in URL to join


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magento Theme For Online Shoe Store

Shoes Store black theme make your store stylish than any other store.The theme suits best for Shoes Store and its related accessories . It is featured with amazing functions like Mega menu,Slide show,fancy popups.Mega menu and slide show modules are provided as a free bonus with this theme.Product image zoom capability is made as fantasy popup which takes this theme to the Next level.

Special Features

=>AJAX Navigation Search - (User hates loading search page for everything...he/she searches, In this theme It does happen, Its all AJAX Search) Worth 99$, Comes FREE with this theme.
=>Easy layered navigation on the category page
=>Ajax based pagination
=>Sort products without page reload
=>Flexible product page
=> Minimizes product page loading time
=>New Arrival Products page with pagination
=>Featured Products page with pagination
=>Installable Pack, You can setup the demo website in less than 5 Minutes
=>Fancy zoom option in products view page
>Slider image view in product page
=>Smooth tab option in product page
=>New Products in home page with carousel effects
=>Newsletter Subscribe option in Home Page
=>Product image gallery in the product view page

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magento Theme For Household Furniture

Luxury Home Theme is Designed with high quality and segments are applied in this theme ,these modules make webpage more stylish and pleasant.Best Seller modules shows top selling items on webpage which allows to promote the items .Product web page has simlpe & fine fancy box for watching image and item details can be considered as an tab.Testimonial module allows to display users recommendations ,FAQ component is added,Slide show component makes webpage more stylish,and finally Mega-menu ads more beauty to this theme. This theme will give you an ultimate ecommerce solution for ecommerce website.

You get the following features FREE with this Theme.

AJAX Navigation Search for - (User dislikes running search web page for everything...he/she looks, In this theme It does occur, Its all AJAX Search) worth 99$, this fantastic feature Comes FREE with this theme.
Mega Selection - Developed by Buyer style EXPERT!!. (You can look through and Add to Cart using one touch mouse Click) - worth 75$, this feature as well Comes FREE with this theme.
Slide display module, (Easy administration user interface to management what you want to screen in webpage to entice more sale) Worth 25$, Comes FREE with this theme.

Special Features of this magento theme

We are providing all the features in this theme that will enhance your website but in-spite of that we are also providing other extra special features for free.

Fall carousel Ajax Huge Menu

Displays item picture in the mega selection drop down
Smooth ajax pagination on the selection.
Efficient slide on the selection using jcarousel.
Display item information on a click on using ajax
Add to cart integrated in the selection.

Jextn Ajax Padded Navigation

Easy layered routing on the item page
Ajax centered pagination
Sort products without web page reload
Flexible item page
Minimises item web page running time

Jextn Testimonials

Including Testimonial by administration section.
Google recaptcha permitted in frontend and configurations in recommendations configurations.
Auto accepted choice in recommendations configurations.
Fade impact assistance in sidebar recommendations.

Jextn FAQ

Enabled and Disabled choice in administration panel
Displayed Faq using in accordion view
Support several shop views
Faq records can permitted and disabled choice in admin

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Magento Theme For Your Online Furniture Store

Furniture shop Theme is Developed with quality and features.Slideshow and new arrivals type makes the webpage more stylish and enjoyable.Best seller model shows top selling items on home page which helps to promote the items .Product web page has fine fancy box for watching image and item details can be seen as tabs.

Special Features

>Easy padded navigation on the item page
>Ajax centered pagination
>Sort items without web page reload
>Flexible item page
> Minimizes item web page running time
>Category record in Home page
>New introduction Products in Home page
> Easily Installable pack, You can install the trial website in less than 5 Minutes
>Displays item picture in the mega menu drop down
>Display item information on a click on using ajax

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Choosing Magento For Your Website

Why magento for your ecommerce website?

There are variety of resources available that can be used to develop an E-Commerce web page but none have all the benefits that Magento provides as a cms. It covers the score because of some the functions such as multiple web page idea, designed in delivery and transaction, Magento can handle more than 50 transaction techniques. You can also publish several items at once using CSV import/export functions and much more. As per creating the web page wonderful you can select one of the a large variety of styles that are available online. You can also seek advice from us to create a exclusive idea for you remember the specifications of your company. But that is the toughest situation because we know that one of our countless of styles will focus on your needs and create your web page sparkle.

Advantages of Magento Themes

>Category wise product management for easy navigation.

>Administrator can simultaneously manage more than one website and e-shops.

>N-tier pricing architecture and special discount coupons.

>Administrative controls for Roles and user management.

>Single page logout.

>Report generation for admin to get facts and figures whenever needed.

>Flexible tax structure as per different countries.

>Secure payment gateway integration with multiple service providers.

>Multiple shipping addresses and different shipping rules as per country.

>Excellent features for invoice, shipping and billing.

>CMS provided for managing important information.

>Ease in integration of third party components.

>One click upgrades.